for VDR

Latest version: 0.8.7 is a shell script, that is to be used with the mp3/mplayer-Plugin for VDR. It takes the file name to play as the first argument. The optional second argument controls the use of the SLAVE mode for MPlayer.

Be sure to also read the FAQ, though there isn't much in it, yet...

The following is deprecated and might go away. Please use the DVD- or VCD-plugin instead.
If you want to use the DVD or VCD support, you need to create a directory (e.g. /video/plugins/DVD-VCD). Then create two files called 'DVD' and 'VCD' in this directory ('touch DVD' and 'touch VCD'). It is important that these files are exactly named 'DVD' and 'VCD' (all in capital letters)!!! Now adjust the path and the DVD device in the and append the following line to your mplayersources file:

/video/plugins/DVD-VCD;DVD or VCD;0
That should be all.

Here is the ToDo list.

And the ChangeLog.

Older versions can be found here and other VDR related stuff here.

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Juri Haberland